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An oil-terminal of LTD “Portal” is located in district of Gardabani, village Vaziani. The oil-terminal is a property of the company and is scattered over 2.5 hectares. The territory is fully equipped with modern constructions. The whole capacity of all oil-terminals is 21000 tons.

            The oil-terminal is unique with it’s productivity – 400 m3 per hour. There is a 400m length own lane, arranged at the territory , which can take 9 carriage-cistern per 2 hour. For auto-taking, the territory is equipped with 8 independent check-points.

            Territory is arranged with the highest standarts of safety: with a fire-fighting spayers and reservoir cooling system, fully automatised electrical wiring. The reservoir park is paved with concrete and in case of spilling, there are cleaning constructions, also on reservoirs there are cleaning devices. This is only a small list, which is attached with various details of newest, high-quality models.

            The oil-base meets euro-standarts.

            Currently, facility has 30 employees. In future, we are planning expansion according to plan and adding employees.