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Fuel tank installation

Fuel tank installation

Fuel tank installation

  If you think, that your company is ready for its own fuel station system, that will be a help for fuel precise and controlled system establishment, than Portal’s offer is the best for you, as we offer you, the high quality removable fuel stations (reservoirs) delivery and installation for free, on the basis of long lasting contracts.

   Mobile AGS is a mixture of reservoir and fuel dispenser, that is integrated with a modern technologies and a double digital control mechanism   ( as well as on a reservoir and also on a fuel dispenser)

Technical Description AGS
are equipped with the modern technical and security technologies

  • GPS Tracker
  • Sensor Fuel measurement
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Automatic electronic switch

Manufacturing Details
 4-5 Layers of Anti-corrosion paint is used for the constructions of AGS reservoir , which gives metal construction a multi-year exploitation guarantee.

 GPS tracker and sensor measurement system gives full online information about , measurements of fuel in the reservoir or rationed amount from it. Monitoring is available from any operational system , web or apps.
 System can be modified according to the costumer’s specific need. Card system can be implemented if costumer has it’s need.